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  1. Why Online Dating is Still the Safest Bet

    online datingWhen online dating sites first starting becoming popular years ago, many people were skeptical. But slowly, more and more people became used to the idea, and today, using dating sites is considered to be completely normal. And in recent years, many other methods of dating have arisen, with the most notable ones being mobile apps such as Tinder.

    While these new techniques to meet a date are compelling, I continue to believe that online dating, while somewhat traditional at this point, is still the safest bet. The problem with most mobile apps for dating is that you are encouraged to make snap judgements on people based on photos alone. Needless to say, such a superficial way of selecting people to date cannot have good long term results.

    On the other hand, with online dating, you can take your time and review the profile of people you are interested in. Moreover, you can conduct a search using filters that will ensure that you will only come in contact with people with whom you have common interests or common beliefs. Plainly said, there are more tools at your disposal when you use a dating site as opposed to an app.

    And then, there are also sites like eHarmony, which will handle the matchmaking portion of dating for you. Once again, it is a dating site that offers complex algorithms designed to match you with your ideal partner. In fact, of all the dating sites I've come into contact with over the years, eHarmony is my favorite. If you haven't had a chance, make sure you use the eHarmony free trial so you can see why this site is so popular, especially among people who are ready to get married.

    At the end of the day, you should use the type of dating tool that has the greatest appeal for you. But if you want my opinion, you should start with online dating sites, since you'll know what all the possibilities are. From there, if you move on to apps and find that you like them more, then more power to you.

    Each of us is different, and in a world as wide and complex as dating, we all have to choose whatever feels right to us.