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  1. Gambling with Crypotocurrencies

    gambling onlineOnline gambling has become big business. But until recently, it wasn't easy for people to open up an online casino account, depending on where you lived. Credit card companies would often block transactions to online casinos. While this was understandable, it was also frustrating for potential online gamblers who lived in jurisdictions where online gambling was not expressly forbidden.

    With the arrival of cryptocurrencies, however, this is no longer an issue. The best known cryptocurrency is of course bitcoin, and at first, it was the only digital currency you could use at certain online casinos. Today, there are a number of casinos that accept many other coins such as dogecoin and ethereum. I myself like to use dogecoin, and in order to find a casino where I can use it, I visited various sites to find a dogecoin casino.

    If you want to use digital currencies anonymously, it does take a bit of work. Unfortunately, the only realistic way most people can get digital currencies is by purchasing them through an exchange such as Coinbase. The problem with doing that is that you won't be anonymous, as such sites require all sorts of verification documents. The easiest way to 'anonymize' your coins is by using a coin mixing service. This may or may not provide 100% anonymity, but it's the fastest and easiest way to mix up your coins and make it more difficult for people to ascertain which coins you own.